About Us


Fearon started in show business at the age of seven starring in national commercials, musicals productions and print ads. She loved spending the time with her mom and driving into San Francisco for auditions. Once she got to high school, she put the acting career on hold to play sports and focus on her education. After college, she worked for several high-end country clubs and event facilities where she did a thousand events in just two years, sometimes doing 10 in one weekend. In 2012, she went to work for the Napa Valley Film Festival as the Patron Circle and Vintner Circle director. This brought her back to her roots and her passion for acting, film and the arts. After meeting some amazing celebrities, making connections with filmmakers, and building an incredible team, she saw a need to start Ella Management Group. With her knowledge producing events since 2000 and her experience working at the Napa Valley Film Festival for six years, she is exceptional at what she does and a true professional.



We are a boutique Talent Management Group that treats our clients like family. We always have your back; we push you to do better, we believe in you, we help you make the best decisions in your career and are always there for you. We only take on a limited number of clients so that we can make sure you get the support and attention you need. We also look for that connection with our clients, because let’s face it, when you spend so much time with someone, it’s just easier to work with people you like and that you can trust.


We have a reliable, professional, and easy to work with a team who manages each event with composure. Whether you need a dependable team of people to manage your red carpet and step & repeat at your next event or handle the meet & greets for your special VIP guests, we’ve got you covered. We love to design events and create an exceptional experience for our clients and their guests. Our team has worked together for over five years managing red carpets and producing events. We read each other minds, we think the same, we get the job done, and we have fun doing it.